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News Roundup — July 9, 2019
07 09 2019
Welcome to Level's news roundup, where we curate stories, analysis, and ideas — with independent artists in mind.

1. ? Spotify shuts down its direct-upload beta program

Spotify announces the end of its beta program which allowed independent artists to upload their music directly to the platform.



2. ?? Check out this database of music industry organizations led by women and non-binary people

Women are still grossly underrepresented in the music industry. This grassroots database is looking to turn these statistics upside down.



3. ? Lil Nas X’s interview with Rolling Stone shows the power of Twitter

Lil Nas X’s overnight sensation “Old Town Road” has been dominating the charts. But how exactly did he do it and what role did Twitter play?



4. ? The rise of ambient music: not just in the background

Why listen to silence when you can listen to — anything else? With its long history and wide usage, ambient music is getting pushed to the forefront.



5. ? Streaming growth slowing down in the UK

According to the MBW Review, the pace of streaming growth in the UK is starting to trail off as the industry sets its eyes on other territories.



6. ? Tyler, the Creator’s “Flower Boy” gets the Dissect treatment

Listen as Dissect podcast creator, Cole Cuchna, breaks down Tyler, the Creator’s 2017 album, “Flower Boy.”